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Whether you are located in Trinidad,USA. Canada, UK or the Caribbean…

Why Virtual Office Trinidad and Tobago

At Virtual Office Trinidad and Tobago, we work diligently around the clock 24/7/365 to help our clients succeed. We are a team of smart, personable, off-site receptionists providing companies of all types and sizes throughout the US, Canada, UK and the Caribbean with richer more customized experience.

In a friendly, courteous, and professional manner, our virtual receptionists answer your phone calls. We connect you to your callers. We provide your current and potential customers with helpful information when you can’t be reached. We get to know your business, so you can trusted with it. We do everything you’d expect a great receptionist to do except we’re off-site. Basically, we work for you, just not in your office. Your callers can’t tell the difference.


Virtual Office Trinidad and Tobago promises to provide businesses with top quality technology and exemplary answering services solutions. Our solutions will give clients the greatest chance to reduce start‐up and operational costs while allowing them to concentrate fully on their core business.

Contact: Virtual Office and Answering Service
Phone: (868) 224-5709
Email:  j.silvers@virtualofficetrinodad.com