Micro Entrepreneurship for Small and Medium
Sized Enterprises

Principles of Accounts (POA) & Principles of Business (POB) (for Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) General Certificate of Examinations (GCE) O’ and A’ Level Students)


Business Development Co. Ltd of Trinidad & Tobago – Business Consultant on its Integrated Business Skills Programme


Venture Capital Incentive Programme: Registered Intermediary. Providing consultancy Services to Corporate Organizations and Entrepreneur


1. Business Enterprises Unincorporated  and Corporate     Organizations
2. Charitable Organizations
3. Partnerships
4. Self Employed Individuals
5. Sole Traders
6. Book keeping
7. Amalgamations
8. Mergers
9. Management / Employees Buy Out




   Business   Startups:













Consultancy Services:

Providing advice on Business startups as follows

1. Incorporate Companies under the     Company’s Act 1995 of Trinidad & Tobago
2. Companies Registered under the Business     Names Act Chapter 82:85
3. Value Added Tax for Micro, Small and      Medium Size Entrepreneurs and Corporate      Companies
4. Provide Statutory and Secretarial Services       for both Corporate and Private Limited      Liability Companies

1. Corporate and Personal Taxation
2. Financial Planning

1. Corporate Companies
2. Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises
3. Charitable Organisations
4. Partnerships
5. Private Limited Liability Companies

1. Factoring and Invoice Discounting
2. Business Plans
3. Cash Flow Forecasts
4. Feasibility Studies
5. Special Reports for Corporate Companies       and Oganizations
6. Private and Corporate Insolvency for     Partnerships and Individuals
7. Practical Solutions for Business Problems
8. Installation of Accounting Systems and     Procedures
9. Portfolio Investments
10. Repayment, Endowments and Pension       Mortgages – Personal and Corporate


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